Principal Director :
Martin Baxter BSc, MBA

Picture of Martin Baxter

Martin has extensive experience as a senior manager in local government and has worked in the private sector.

‘…….has provided very good leadership and very good direction.'

This is just one accolade paid to Martin when he was a headteacher. He provides practical solutions to the challenge of improving local government services. These solutions are informed by wisdom born out of planning and implementing change that led to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

'He implemented cultural and major structural changes in a large county council by drawing together over 100 headteachers, advisers and officers to address underachievement in schools. Within two years achievement improved at all Key Stages and the number of schools judged to be failing by Ofsted reduced to zero. Through this work the council was recognised as breaking new ground in the implementation of the New Relationship with Schools and the Children Act (2004).'

Martin leads a team of like minded associates who bring wide experience of inspections of schools and local authorities, and the leadership and performance management of teams. Martin’s specialist work transcends department boundaries and he is competent in personnel and finance issues.

He is the author of Policies: A guide for school governors and headteachers (Adamson Books) and writes on leading edge developemnts in local authorities and schools (ref:

We build and lead teams to challenge the status quo, gain commitment to achieve goals through staff recruitment, performance management, and individual target setting.

We communicate information and concepts clearly and logically to promote ideas, encourage creative thinking and secure ownership through presentations, training and individual coaching.

We plan projects to achieve improvements within strict time and financial parameters.

We analyse, monitor and evaluate complex issues in an objective and creative way to resolve problems and find solutions. This includes using data analysis, audit and inspection to identify strengths and weaknesses.